Is it true that the Left will kill Obama?

A lot of people say that they can't see Obama just going back to Chicago in January 2013/17, like a normal ex-president.

The buzz all over the 'net is that if it looks like the Republican challenger is going to win in 2012, the Left will make it like some racist white guy kills Obama. Or towards the end of a second term.

People say that Obama is no good to the Left as a normal ex-president; that they would get a lot more emotional/political leverage out of him by having it like some "racist supremacist white guy" or "anti abortion christian" kills him.

But people are saying that so much that it's becoming a cliche. Besides, the bodyguards wouldn't let another one go on their watch, right?

It's horrible to think about, but sometimes we must confront our fears. Everyone knows that Hillary wasn't given the VP slot because Obama feared for his life. She even menacingly linked Obama to Bobby Kennedy. We all hope not, but do you think the Left will kill Obama?


YES, it makes sense that the left would kill Obama to get political leverage.
NO, politicians aren't that soulless and calculating.

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